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Moving to a new city or country means much more than simply finding a house. Finding a new home can be a slow and frustrating process, particularly when moving to a different country. Stress caused by this move may affect professional performance and also family life: we believe it is an important moment and we want to accompany you along the way, step by step.
We offer high quality and personalized service: we will satisfy your needs and expedite your adaptation process, making it a pleasant and enriching experience.

At CSSConsulting we can propose a variety of services which will make moving and settling in Valencia as gratifying as possible for you and your family.

  Pre-Arrival Orientation Services

  • Initial contact
  • Sorientation tour
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Home search
  • School search
  • Lease assistance and negotiation
  • Inspection and check-in process.
  •   Settling in and logistics

  • Utility connections
  • Telephone/internet connection assistance
  • Transportation of household goods
  • Vehicle import and registration
  • Pet transportation and documentation
  • Furniture storagen
  • Housekeeping
  • Tenancy management
  • inscription consulaire
  • Introduction to social and business associations
  • Activities for children
  • Spouse/partner integration support
  •   Administrative issues

  • Handling the technical and administrative aspects of transferring to a new country can become a time consuming factor. Our services are designed to expedite this process, ensuring our clients can save time and avoid unnecessary paperwork.
  • We will accompany you to the appointment to facilitate communication and complete the necessary forms. In fact, we will help you fill out the required paperwork beforehand, saving valuable time during the actual transaction.
  • Residence permit
  • Registration at the Consulate Office
  • Opening a bank account
  • Health insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Driver's license
  • Others…
  •   Cultural integration in Spain

  • General introduction
  • Cross cultural training
  • Language courses
  • Cultural tours
  •   Departure Services: Moving services from Spain

  • Formal lease termination and reimbursement of security deposit
  • Cancellation of utility services
  • Cancellation of bank account
  • Insurance policies
  • Car registration
  • Residence permits
  • Moving/transportation services
  • Change of postal
  • Mail handling and forwarding
  •   Buying a Property

    For clients, this service will help you save valuable time by dealing with only one intermediary who will manage your case, including customized home search, contact with agencies and owners, organized visits, arrange surveys and appraisals.

      Temporary Relocations and Stays

    We can arrange for temporary accommodation for duration of home finding process or for the required time period. We work with a select group of providers to ensure quality, comfort and convenient location.

      Students Services: Hospitality Package Students

  • Accommodation
  • Mobile pone
  • Opening a bank account
  • Managing the academic documentation
  • Managing the residence documents
  • Pick up service
  • Pick up service
  • Language courses
  • Assurance maladie optionnelle
  • Transportation
  • Touristic information and culture
  • Pick up service
  •   Business Development Management

      Property Management

    Day to day property management, clear service-driven mentality.

      Professional Services

    Expatriates, with or without spouse or partner, deserve all the time and dedication needed to make successful transition. Meeting their needs accurately will make the transferee feel more confident, productive and focused at work. This represents a series of paramount benefits for the company or organization

      Collaboration Area

    CSSConsulting works in concert with several partners to give you a GLOBAL SERVICE Collaboration Area